Our team of project engineers have the experience and capability to provide solutions for manufacturing more complex shapes and assemblies that others would consider not possible.

This ability gives us the edge over our competitors where we have even gained business from low cost manufacturing countries such as China based on our expertise.

“Our ability in providing solutions is second to none”.

Extreme Expansions

Proven capability of expanding tube including welded stainless steel up to 100% of its original diameter with minimum scrap rate.

Manifold Assemblies

For fluid moving applications such as Emission Systems, Alternative Fuels and Regeneration.

TDrilled Assemblies

Using a variety of materials including Stainless Steel and Copper.

Serpentines & Coils

Cooling or heat exchange applications. Also suitable for press-fit or aluminium cast assemblies.

Fuel Filler & Breather Tubes

Fuel tank application. Including offset contact and saddle beads for orientation. Bore control for Check Valve O-ring seal.

Top Plate & Flange Assemblies

For industrial generators or other fluid moving applications.